United beat Gladiators United won by 6 wickets (with 18 balls remaining) – Gladiators vs United, PSL, 12th Match Match Summary, Report

10.29 pm Stirling capitalizes early in the chase with a rip-roaring half-century to build off the spells from Hasan Ali and Faheem Ashraf in the first innings which kept the Gladiators tied down. Stirling also contributed in the field as well with a sharp catch at backward point in the Powerplay to team up with Hasan for one of his two wickets. A brilliant night for the Irishman on the 10th anniversary of one of the most famous Irish performances of all, Kevin O’Brien’s epic 113 vs England in the World Cup.

And here is the pride of Belfast himself, Paul Stirling: “I was just glad to get adjusted to conditions here again and get a few runs and win the game. It was a tough few 48 hours with things off the field. It’s tricky, I’m not gonna lie. It’s tough to not know if you’re gonna be playing or a delayed game. We could have been here until 2 am last night. We finally got told this afternoon that we’re gonna be on at 7 o’clock so we had enough time to get our heads around it. I think someone else might have caught it [my catch at backward point] without diving. I was just trying to play late and use the pace on the ball. I might have to work on the stuff with the pace off the ball for the next week. Everyone has been great. We’re all trying to keep each other going and by the end of that hopefully we’re still going well.”

Faheem Ashraf is named Player of the Match for his first innings spell of 3 for 11.

That’s it from us today. Keep an eye out for Danyal Rasool’s report. Come back tomorrow for doubleheader action. We’ll see if the chasing sides can make it 14 for 14 to match the longest streak in PSL history set in the 2019 season. On behalf of Danyal, thanks everyone for tuning into our coverage. I’m Peter Della Penna and will be back in about 16 hours. Until then, take care!

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