Premature to estimate losses caused by PSL 2021 postponement: PCB |

It is way too premature to estimate the losses caused by the postponement of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), a spokesperson of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was quoted as saying by Jang on Monday.

The spokesperson told critics to keep in mind that PSL 2021 has been postponed and not cancelled altogether.

With the league expected to resume sometime later this year, making an accurate estimate of the losses suffered due to disruption was not possible.

Earlier, it had been reported that the franchises will bear the brunt of the league’s postponement.

However, the PCB representative said that the Board and its franchises were partners and that anyone’s loss was everyone’s loss.

However, the spokesperson also made it clear that the franchises will have to honour their contract and pay the fee owed to the PCB as part of the agreement.

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