Indian fans enraged at Dale Steyn’s preference for PSL over IPL

Indian cricket fans have been left enraged after Quetta Gladiators’ fast bowler Dale Steyn  has shown preference over the Pakistan Super League over the Indian Premier League.

In an interview with Cricket Pakistan, Steyn said that the reason why he opted out of IPL this year is because there is  “so much emphasis” on earning money that “sometimes, somewhere down the line, cricket gets forgotten”.

He went on to say that he has found that playing in other leagues is “slightly more rewarding”.

“When you come to like a PSL or the Sri Lankan Premier League, for that matter, there is an importance on the cricket.”

His comments have caused quite a stir among Indian cricket fans who have taken to Twitter to express their outrage.

One fan shared a meme on behalf of “every IPL fan” which said: “Aye tu chup re. Tereko kuch maloom nai. (Oh shut up, you. You know nothing).”

“If anyone has problems with IPL, don’t bark, we Indians are happy to see our stars here,” wrote one user.

When CricBlog discouraged disrespectful comments towards the South African bowler, one wrote: “He was getting bashed anyway. He was going to be unsold in this IPL as well. Poor remarks by Steyn; could have avoided them.”

Another, mockingly shared a video of a batsman slamming Steyn’s delivery down the ground, only for it to be dropped by the fielder.

“PSL more rewarding than IPL. I agree why after this,” he wrote.

One user shared a video clip showing an IPL match where all of Steyn’s deliveries get brutally slammed by the batsman. “The reason why Steyn left IPL,” he wrote.

Another, echoing similar sentiments, (pretend quoting Steyn) wrote: “Want to play tournaments where batsman can throw their wickets on my bowling.

One, in frustration, counted all of Steyn’s achievements in cricket, adding that “all these things will be forgotten with that statement of his”.

A user rushing to IPL’s defense said that the league gives weight to “performance” rather than “reputation”.

“No wonder Steyn found PSL more rewarding where he gets to play more cricket. Thoughts?” he said.

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