Aima Baig writes about her PSL journey in heart-warming post

Singer Aima Baig rose to the pinnacle of fame within a very short span of time, creating a niche for herself in Pakistan’s music industry.

Despite the lukewarm response to Pakistan Super League (PSL) anthem for the sixth season, Baig has been very vocal and has expressed her joy several times over her marvelous PSL journey and how thankful she is for the opportunity.

This time around, the Baazi songstress penned a gratitude note and posted a series of clicks from PSL on her official Instagram handle.

“As i have always been a little behind the time, this morning i woke up with this energy where i finally decided to post and write about this years PSL (which is still yet to come to an end) and the people involved in the process.”

Firstly, the 26-year-old praised the entire crew and expressed that the aura at work was super pleasant and that she admired everyone’s hard work.

“The amazing team of dancers and makeup artists with their wild wild energy was a breath of fresh air from every morning till the sun sets. Watching them putting so much hardwork in a single project really made me realize the blessings I have been granted and how for granted we take them once the process of hopping from one project to another becomes an everyday activity. Grasping how passion can make a man do wonders. Wouldn’t forgive myself, if i hadn’t mention how amazingly talented they were and how cool it was to hangout with them killer hoofers and glam divas.”

Further, the star added, “Moving on, been collaborating with PCB PSL for the past 2 years excluding this year. Cant explain what kind of mental and physical mind-boggling process they go through every year but i can surely guarantee that its been taken care of pretty well by these 3 men posing with me in the second photo. Managing everything to anything especially in these crucial times, where the entire world is under a pandemic, these men knew one thing for sure…”

She concluded the heartwarming note by complimenting everyone who was associated with her during her beautiful PSL journey.

Moreover, she confirmed her engagement to longtime beau Shahbaz Shigri through Instagram as she shared her stunning diamond ring.

Featuring Naseebo Lal, Young Stunners and Aima Baig, Groove Mera had netizens is in splits. The anthem managed to amass 14 million views on Youtube.

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