Strategies to Choose Right Players for your Fantasy Cricket Match

It is hardly surprising that India is nuts over cricket. That simple yet versatile bat and ball sport which has its origins in England have a fan following in India like no other country. There is very little that has not been said or written about the sport and its impact on Indians over the decades. If you are an Indian or are a resident of the country, chances are you are a cricket aficionado yourself, or your family and extended social circle have a fair number of them.


So enamoured are Indians with the sport that they regard it is nothing less than a religion it itself, and cricketers are hailed as nothing short of idols. Cricket is played by the general populace with as much enthusiasm as it is watched on TV or at a stadium. ‘Gully cricket’, which is otherwise known as street cricket or backyard cricket, is a style of play in itself. Cricket, being a game that is not just easy to play, but one that is versatile to the point that it can be played just about anywhere – even within a small amount of space in the bylanes of Indian cities, makes it the most popular sport in India.


It is well known that India boasts of a robust infrastructure for people to hone their skills and get better at cricket, and this has resulted in the emergence of many world-class players who have gone on to make the country proud in numerous international tournaments over the years.


Now, thanks to the rapid growth in internet services across India, more and more people are following the sport as well as keeping themselves updated on all the latest cricket news on their mobile devices. Another relatively recent byproduct of this trend is the growth of fantasy cricket.


Fantasy cricket belongs to the increasingly popular genre of gaming known as fantasy sports. This format of the game is very simple. It is essentially just an online virtual version of the sport that is played through a mobile app, such as Fantasy cricket is all about creating a virtual cricket team that is composed of real players for an upcoming match. Users are able to earn points on the basis of how these selected cricketers perform on the day of the actual match.


Playing fantasy cricket is extremely easy and straightforward. All you need to do is download a fantasy cricket app, select an upcoming cricket game and make your very own virtual team with 11 players of your choice. After which, you need to deposit some money and join a contest, and track the contest leaderboard to see how the players you selected are playing once the real world game begins.


But, at this juncture, let it be said that fantasy cricket is not just any random game, and nor is it just a game of chance. As observed in The Economic Times, fantasy cricket is a game of skill and being good at the game requires intelligence as well as a thorough knowledge of the sport. In this blog, we share with you our strategies on how you can choose the right players and get the most out of your fantasy cricket match.


Don’t fight every battle

Tempting as it may seem in pretty much every game of skill or chance, it may be wiser to avoid participating in every single game or tournament. This is especially true in the case of fantasy cricket as money is involved. We recommend that you carefully select your games so as to minimise your losses. Very often, users who do not have sufficient knowledge about specific players or their records select them, only to end up losing a lot of money once the game is actually played. People tend to go all-in in the expectation of winning big, but even the slightest misjudgement can be significantly damaging.

Select the best players

As much as we tend to idolise and revere the cricketers who are special to us, favouritism is more often than not likely to bring you less than optimal results. We advise you to choose the top players and not just the ‘big names’ for your fantasy cricket team. Compose your team with the best in the game and not just the ones you love. Do keep in mind that while you form your perfect cricket team, it is advisable to have a higher proportion of all-rounders in your squad as this increases the chances of your team winning as these players will win you both batting and bowling points.

Analyse players’ recent performance

One of the most important aspects of playing fantasy cricket is keeping a track of how players have been performing. Even though the old saying goes, “form is temporary, the class is permanent”, in fantasy cricket, a form is of great importance because a cricketer’s performance can be predicted more accurately on the basis of their recent games and not on career records or a popular image. How your selected players perform on an actual day will determine how many points you earn, so the player form can make or break your game.

Select top-order batsmen

It is often seen in limited-overs games, such as T20 matches, it is the top-order batsmen who play the most number of balls. What this means for you is, these are the players who will help you win the maximum points in the game. Therefore, select top-order batsmen who are in good form while creating your team to maximise your chances of winning.

Take extra care when selecting a captain and vice-captain

It may not seem that obvious, but the choices you make for your captain and vice-captain are more crucial than you think. In fantasy cricket, your choice for captain and vice-captain could well make the difference between winning big and going home. This is because in fantasy cricket the captain gets 2 times the points that regular players get and the vice-captain gets 1.5 times the points that regular players get. A carefully considered selection of captain and vice-captain will give you the edge over your rivals.

Choose players based on weather and pitch conditions

The weather of the location where a match is being held as well as pitch conditions are important factors that affect a player’s performance. For example, some players perform well on a normal day with hardly any wind, while other cricketers can play well even on a windy day. It is important to do adequate research on players and what weather suits them.


With these tips in mind, you can create the team of your dreams that helps push you up the fantasy cricket leaderboard. Doing your homework and being prepared will pay off handsomely in this beautiful online game!



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