Australia vs India: The County Cricket stint in Glamorgan that helped Adam Gilchrist’s men finally win in India 2004

It was in Glamorgan of all places that Australia’s game-changing tactics for their drought-breaking 2004 tour of India were conjured up.

Off the back of winning the National League title in 2004, Michael Kasprowicz, who had been a part of the failed tours of 1998 and 2001, was at Sydney International Airport ready to board a flight to India along with his teammates when he approached Jason Gillespie.

“Rather than breaking any records [of drinking on planes], I remember speaking catching up with Dizzy [Gillespie] and said, ‘What do you think about this?’” Kasprowicz tells

“Dizzy and I then went and spoke to Buck [Australian coach John Buchanan] and Pigeon [Glenn McGrath] and that’s where I like to think the idea and the concept was born — and I had something to do with the idea.”

That idea was to bowl to India’s strengths.

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